Nat Bullard, Analyst, Speaker, and Advisor on Decarbonization

This week on Setting Course, we welcome Nat Bullard back into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. Nat is an Analyst, Speaker, and Advisor on Decarbonization. SmarterMarkets™ host David Greely sits down with Nat to discuss the state of decarbonization, as revealed in his recent update to his annual 200-page presentation deck. Hosted By

Bob Elliott, CEO & CIO, Unlimited

This week on Setting Course, we welcome Bob Elliott, CEO & CIO at Unlimited, into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. Host David Greely sits down with Bob to discuss the macro outlook for the economy and markets – and making institutional investment strategies accessible to the individual investor. Download full transcript → Hosted By

Ken Newcombe, Chairman & CEO, C-Quest Capital

This week on our Commodities in Asia series, we welcome Ken Newcombe, Chairman & CEO at C-Quest Capital, into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. Host David Greely sits down with Ken to discuss the energy transition as lifestyle transformation, as well as the catalytic and transformative role of carbon finance in the developing countries of Asia, Africa, […]

Amreeta Eng, Executive Director, Enterprise Singapore

This week, we kick off our new series, Commodities in Asia. In this series, we’ll be exploring the current state and the future ambitions of the commodities markets in Asia. Across energy, metals, agriculture, and carbon, we’ll be talking with the leading voices of the Asian commodity markets to help us better understand how we […]

John Dowd, CEO, GoGreen Investments

We continue our Carbon Frontiers series this week with John Dowd. John is the CEO of GoGreen Investments, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company helping private companies working on solutions to climate change raise funds on Wall Street. Before joining GoGreen, John managed multi-billion dollar portfolios at Fidelity Investments and co-led the Fidelity Energy Research Team. […]

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