Commodities, Carbon, and Critical Infrastructure: A Tribute to Jeff Currie đźŚŤ

In light of Jeff Currie’s monumental retirement announcement, we dive deep into a highlight reel that captures the wisdom of Goldman Sachs’ Former Global Head of Commodities Research. Over multiple appearances on the SmarterMarkets™ podcast, Currie shared insights that reshaped our understanding of commodities, the energy transition, and the future of our world.

đź’¬ Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

  • The significance of reducing costs in commodity trading.
  • Balancing the challenges of the old carbon economy with the burgeoning green one.
  • The unparalleled importance of copper in the quest to decarbonize.
  • Addressing climate change through effective market design and carbon pricing.
  • The interconnected nature of our food and energy crisis.
  • Policy interventions required for a sustainable future.

Currie’s perspectives echo the ethos of SmarterMarkets™ — a clarion call to harness market-driven solutions to tackle global challenges. Dive into this video and immerse yourself in Currie’s insights, wisdom, and roadmap across his appearances on the podcast.

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